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HERE’S THE DEAL: I made an 8-page comic about Count Poopula and some other nerds, and now you can buy it!

WHERE TO GET IT: Gumroad or Sellfy

Price: $1, that way if you end up hating it, it’s not like you spent any real money on it.

All black and white, with the intent being that kids can print it out and color it in, or maybe you could just open the dumb thing up in photoshop if you’re cool like that and color it like some kind of computer coloring dweeb. I don’t know. It’s up to you, Mr. Baby Man. I’m not your boss.

I love Halloween. I am an idiot because I got the idea to do this on Tuesday (thinking it was Monday), and then worked a bunch of stupid shifts and lost sleep and shit and I just spent ALL OF MY HALLOWEEN finishing it for you.

But hey, poop jokes and a werewolf with a butt for a head! Random parodies of famous monsters! Dr. Frankensteinersteiner! (Who is Dr. Frankensteinsteiner? Spend a dollar and find out, dummy!)

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