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A quick-ish update about where you can get my stuff!


I recently went about collecting the first (and so far only) volume of my webcomic GALAXY OF THE DAMNED, and it is now available on Kindle for $2.99.

You can purchase it here.

Some notes: It may not have zoom capabilities depending on your Kindle device. However, it does seem to zoom fine on the Kindle app (and if anybody is having technical issues, PLEASE let me know here or at so I can seek a fix).

Currently, Kindle is the only format it is in, but I will (eventually) look into ComiXology, although I’m not super impressed with their android/kindle app (my experience with the iOS app is limited, but people have told me it works much better, which is no surprise to me). But hey, why cut myself off from another avenue.

Mostly, I’m just trying this stuff out to see how it all works and know what my options are when I have future comics I want to put out there for handheld devices. I figured GotD is all done and ready-to-use, so what the hey. The comic will remain available in its original webcomic form at for the moment, but I might take it down sooner rather than later. I don’t really know right now.


I wrote an essay about Wrestling Superstar Virgil! You can read it in good guy Robert Newsome’s wrestling fanzine THE ATOMIC ELBOW ISSUE 7.

And you can purchase a copy of AE #7 right here!

It’s print-only, with limited copies remaining. It’s a great zine that I’ve wanted to contribute to from the very moment I read the first issue. So I’m feeling pretty damn good about getting in there. Like wrestling? Like good, funny, thoughtful writing? Like cool comics and illustrations? Like Dusty Rhodes? Then what the hell are you waiting for, brother?


My pulp crime novella is currently still available on Kindle, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble as an e-book. Pick it up while you can, because I’m not sure how much longer it will be available.

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Barnes & Noble

Buy on Smashwords

4. This blog

I do believe that’s all the things to date. Meanwhile, I’ve cooled off on the Van Dammage Papers at the moment, but I’ll be back with some new one soon. For one thing, I sat down and watched The Quest, which is a really stupid movie about James Bond selling JCVD into kickboxing slavery, and it features James Remar, who I love because I can’t tell if he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen or one of the worst.

I’m also occasionally updating with new sketches and such. I came to the realization some weeks back that while my undisclosed day job is exhausting and I feel like I have less and less time to work on all of this stuff, it’s really important that I make the time to do it all, because this is the stuff that matters. As silly as it might sound, I feel it’s important that I explore really shitty Van Damme movies, that I draw fan art of Robocop teaming up with Sting, that I try to get back to making more comics and simply writing more of the shit that I am best at.

So thanks for reading my blog, buying my stuff, sharing my art, and being all around cool people, whoever you are.


Yours in Macho Madness,


20130911-231717.jpgSeriously, guys.

For the past while I’ve been reading and enjoying a little wrestling fanzine called The Atomic Elbow. TAE is the whole reason I got the urge to buy a sealed box of WCW cards (which led to my short-lived blog adventure, Two Packs a Day), because the awesome dude who makes it — Robert — was packing random cards from that series in with orders when he mailed them out.

So, if you don’t already know, I love wrestling. I love writing. And here was a place where I could potentially get some thoughts down on paper about wrestling topics that interested me. It seemed like a natural idea to submit something, anything, to Robert for his publication.

It took some work, but I managed to put together an essay that I think is worthy of being in The Atomic Elbow. And guess what? Now you can read it in this week’s The Atomic Elbow #7.

How do you get yourself a copy? Well, just follow the link! It’ll set you back a whole $5 in the US, and probably slightly more for international orders?

And guys, this is the only way you will get to read the essay I wrote. Did I mention it includes an illustration by me? Well now consider it mentioned. Neither of these items will be found on this blog. Print exclusive, bitches.

And just in case, here’s a direct link to the Atomic Elbow store front.

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