I do commissions! This is the page where info about commissions can be found! Read on if you are interested!


Sketch Cards!

Sketch Card Example 1Sketch Card Example 2Sketch Card Example 3

For the art collector on a budget!

Despite the fact that yes, I do think a lot of artists spend more time on these than is useful (when they could be making actual comics), I do like drawing on sketch cards. They are fun and affordable for almost everyone.

For commissions I draw on Strathmore brand Bristol Artist Trading Cards. Pricing is as follows (and shipping is included with that price since these are so small and easy to mail):

Pen & Ink Portrait, 1 character – $10.00

Color Portrait, 1 character – $15.00


Pen & Ink Commissions

Commission Example

All pen & ink commissions are done on plain (unlined) Deleter A4 comic paper (8.267 in X 11.962 in), which is just slightly bigger than standard Letter-size paper.

Pricing (shipping is extra for these and will be calculated at time of order):

1 character, full body – $25.00

2 or more full-body characters – Ask for a quote


Doodle Pages

Example Doodle Page 1Example Doodle Page

Doodle pages are also made with the same materials as pen & ink commissions, and include a number of characters, phrases, and items relating to a central theme, arranged in a haphazard manner. These are usually “stream of consciousness” pieces. Characters and such will be chosen by me based upon what your theme is. A theme can be anything from a specific television show (like ‘Knight Rider”) to a particular era (like “Early 90s”). Other example themes could be vintage Nicktoons, tokusatsu shows, mid-90s WCW, Saturday morning cartoons, YO! MTV Raps, Godzilla movies, etc. If there might be a specific thing you want to make sure is included, let me know.

Doodle Page Pricing:

1 theme of your choice in B&W – $35.00

1 theme of your choice in B&W w/ 1 color highlight (pink, blue, etc.) – $40.00

1 theme of your choice in B&W w/ multiple color highlights – $50.00



Here are some guidelines I follow for my commissions, to reduce any issues.

– Only established characters, please. This means it could be a character from a popular movie, a professional wrestler, your favorite superhero, etc. However, I’m not designing original characters for you. Do not ask me to draw you, your significant other, or your mom. Stuff like that never goes well.

– No nudity or overtly sexual/erotic requests, please.

– I accept only Paypal for all orders

– I will ship internationally outside the United States, at a higher shipping rate. Please specify at time of order if you will require international shipping.

– Once an item has been shipped, it is out of my hands. If you want signature confirmation, insurance, etc. to make sure it gets to you, please let me know ahead of time.

– Please allow 7-10 days for most orders to be completed and shipped (dependent on work load).


For more information and/or to order a commission, contact me at mustachedcorwin@gmail.com

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