Hi, I’m the guy that writes this blog. I am an occasional essayist, published author, cartoonist, teacher, former journalist, and once in a while I get asked to be a pro wrestling color commentator (really!). This is my blog of random, stupid things. Sometimes I write letters. Sometimes I write movie reviews. Sometimes I don’t do anything. You can follow me on twitter. I will not be a your Facebook friend.

I currently reside in western Colorado with my wife and collection of animals. I spend a lot of free time moving bales of hay and feeding my mother-in-law’s horses. It’s weird that I do this country stuff now, but I like it. I’m originally from Arizona. I’m sorry if you still live in Arizona. Arizona is terrible.

I have a beard. I love my beard. If you don’t like my beard, that’s your loss, and I will not hold it against you. If you have the genetic capability to grow a beard of your own, I highly recommend it. It is a gratifying experience.

I poop a lot.

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  1. Hey there Vic, I was wondering if you’ve got some duct tape, pliers, a car battery, and five gallon bucket I could borrow? I got a big weekend planned and I seemed to have misplaced some essentials.


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