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The past few days saw me do a little more doodling than usual. Dug out the old Sakura pens and gave them a whirl on some paper. The Cap was me trying to fit all the design elements I’ve seen incorporated into his comic look as of late (which I kind of hate), just being ridiculous. It’s dumb that a comic book character that isn’t just symbolic of America, but — and more importantly — hope, is now being depicted in increasingly militant, fascist gear. This is especially troubling in light of post 9/11 American foreign policy.
The boots, the more armored look: this stuff works in the films — and probably has to — but comics don’t need to mimic movies. I always prefer simplified superhero costumes.
The two wrasslers are the newest pieces, and quite fun to draw. I credit some Toriyama influence. Like I said in a prior post, more goofy manga is in my reading diet these days. Plus, Daniel Bryan is outstanding even if his angle and push have been kind of a mess. Dusty Rhodes, meanwhile, requires no explanation. The goddamn AMERICAN DREAM, man. I recently watched some of his polka-dot WWF exploits and I’ll tell you, not even an awful singlet can slow down Dusty. One of the best!
Mega Man was a thing I slowly cranked out at the coffee house while doing some stuff for my day job. I feel like some Brandon Graham slipped in at some point. It was a good therapeutic piece to work on. Very high school “doodle page” for me.
Anyway, that’s all for now. I gotta get some sleep.

Yours in Macho Madness,

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