Buy Atomic Elbow #7 Damn It

20130911-231717.jpgSeriously, guys.

For the past while I’ve been reading and enjoying a little wrestling fanzine called The Atomic Elbow. TAE is the whole reason I got the urge to buy a sealed box of WCW cards (which led to my short-lived blog adventure, Two Packs a Day), because the awesome dude who makes it — Robert — was packing random cards from that series in with orders when he mailed them out.

So, if you don’t already know, I love wrestling. I love writing. And here was a place where I could potentially get some thoughts down on paper about wrestling topics that interested me. It seemed like a natural idea to submit something, anything, to Robert for his publication.

It took some work, but I managed to put together an essay that I think is worthy of being in The Atomic Elbow. And guess what? Now you can read it in this week’s The Atomic Elbow #7.

How do you get yourself a copy? Well, just follow the link! It’ll set you back a whole $5 in the US, and probably slightly more for international orders?

And guys, this is the only way you will get to read the essay I wrote. Did I mention it includes an illustration by me? Well now consider it mentioned. Neither of these items will be found on this blog. Print exclusive, bitches.

And just in case, here’s a direct link to the Atomic Elbow store front.

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