Two Packs a Day 5/22/12

Presenting my new almost-daily thing that I will do just for the hell of it, Two Packs a Day! Every weekday, I will open two packs of WCW trading cards from 1991 and share my findings with you. I have nearly a whole box of these that I ordered off of Amazon (I started with a sealed box, but I’ve given away a few packs to friends), so this should be fun. Or it will be a total disaster. We’ll see.

2 packs! 24 cards! What treasures lie within???

Let’s look at today’s Top 5!

1. Best Photo

If this particular shot had a Brazzers logo on it, things would look quite different.

2. Best Outfit(s)

He looks like a guy that frequents a local bar here on karaoke night, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

I’ll tell you what, though: I might be willing to commit murder for a Doom t-shirt like that.

3. Best WTF Bio

I have chosen Mr. Taylor’s card this time for one reason and one reason alone: If you have listed “Winning the World TV Title” as your greatest accomplishment, things aren’t going so well for you.

4. Who???

Mr. Wall Street, aka Michael Wallstreet, aka V.K. Wallstreet, aka Captain Mike, aka Mike Rotunda, aka Mike Rotundo, aka Mike Drond, aka Irwin R. Schyster, aka I.R.S.

Is that enough pseudonyms for one guy? Well, that’s not the most that a single wrestler has had, but it’s an awful lot. Mike Rotunda was a pretty solid wrestler, and bounced around between the NWA, AWA, WCW, and WWF for years. He was part of quality tag teams, namely the U.S. Express with his real-life brother-in-law, Barry Windham, and Money, Inc. with The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase.

At the time this card was released, he had taken on a new gimmick, that of a wealthy investor named Mr. Wallstreet. We’ve looked at previous cards related to this angle. Modeling himself after Gordon Gekko, Wallstreet and Ms. York formed the York Foundation and acted like evil, greedy people. Rotunda eventually left WCW and joined the WWF, where he became Irwin R. Schyster (IRS), an evil tax collector who would threaten the audience with a handful of tax forms. Surprisingly, he went over pretty well. I have no idea why, beyond the typical hate people have for doing their taxes.

5. Best Pandering to WCW’s Target Audience

WCW was formerly Jim Crockett Promotions, was based out of Atlanta, GA, and aired on Ted Turner’s TBS Superstation (back when Ted still owned it, before it was turned into a lukewarm “comedy” channel where Conan is the best thing on their schedule). Wrestling is a staple of the South. So it makes sense that, you know, they’d try to pander to that audience.

Hence the Southern Boys tag team, with their cute little CSA uniforms and mullets. That shit makes sense to me. It’s dumb, but whatever. But now I’m supposed to believe that the high-five is a “Southern thang?” Fuck you, WCW.

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