Two Packs a Day 5/15/12

Presenting my new daily thing that I will do just for the hell of it, Two Packs a Day! Every weekday, I will open two packs of WCW trading cards from 1991 and share my findings with you. I have nearly a whole box of these that I ordered off of Amazon (I started with a sealed box, but I’ve given away a few packs to friends), so this should be fun. Or it will be a total disaster. We’ll see.


2 packs! 24 cards! What treasures lie within???


Let’s look at today’s Top 5!

1. Best Photo

There weren’t many pics that stood out to me from these first two packs. The Steiners take it today because, well, they just look so contemplative and philosophical. Now I don’t know what match this is from, but we can see that they’re leaving the ring, and they look a bit haggard, and they have their Tag Team belts with them, so we can surmise that they just successfully defended their titles and are now making their way backstage. But they don’t just look tired and worn out. Rick, in particular, looks like somebody showed him a videotape of his brother Scott from the future, in which Scott declares he has a 141 and 2/3 percent chance of winning against Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.

And to think, we used to believe Rick was the crazy one.

2. Best Outfit


This one, again, goes to Rick Steiner, for wearing something that fit in pretty well back in 1991, but today would likely only be seen on Sacha Baron Cohen or an ironic hipster at the Sasquatch music fest. It’s not just the pink-and-black giraffe print, but the choice to pair it with black and pink stripes within the same wrestling singlet that really sets this ensemble apart from the rest of the pack. Combine that with the headgear that Rick has traditionally worn, and it’s a deadly one-two punch of weirdness. You know what makes it even better? The fact that you just know Rick throws on a pair of clashing Zubaz over the singlet before he goes home for the night, perhaps with some of those neon Gargoyles with the reflective lenses.

3. Best WTF Bio


“Lex Luger, National Honor Society student…”

4. Who???


Oh hey, it’s Z-Man! I totally remember Z-Man! Not.


Well, a quick glance at Wikipedia tells us he’s Tom Zenk. Oh yeah! Tom Zenk!

As Z-Man, he was the last NWA TV Champion and the first WCW TV Champion when Jim Crockett Promotions became World Championship Wrestling (which resulted in WCW leaving the NWA, thus the title change for the championship). Prior to that, he was part of the Can-Am Connection with Rick Martel in the WWF, with a match at Wrestlemania III against Don Muraco and Cowboy Bob Orton (which Can-Am won). With the NWA/WCW, Zenk successfully tag teamed with the late Brian Pillman and later won the 6-Man World Tag Team Championship with Big Josh and Dustin Rhodes.

Honestly, what’s really interesting is that Zenk went to high school with Nikita Koloff, Curt Hennig and Rick Rude. Talk about crazy!

5. Best Obligatory “Sting Getting His Ass Kicked” Pic


Thanks, Doom, for taking care of that for us.

Fun fact: out of the 24 cards feature Sting. 4 of those are actual Sting cards.

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